2-In-1 Stubby Screwdriver - Size:PH2xFlat, 6.0x28mm

Short Description:
2-in-1 stubby screwdriver is a versatile tool that combines two different types of screwdriver heads into one compact design. Typically, one end of the screwdriver features a Phillips head while the other end features a slotted head. The "stubby" part of the name refers to the short length of the tool, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
Manufacturer STANLEY
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Manufacturer part number 66-432
Place Of Origin inddia
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Brand Stanley
Tip Size 2


Country of origin


Blade Length

38 mm

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Tip Size 1

6 mm


Some common applications of a 2-in-1 stubby screwdriver include:

  1. Furniture assembly: The screwdriver is often used in assembling furniture, which often requires both Phillips and slotted screws.

  2. Electrical work: The screwdriver is useful for electrical work where both types of screws are often used, such as installing outlets, switches, and light fixtures.

  3. Automotive repairs: The screwdriver is useful for small automotive repairs, such as removing interior trim pieces or installing a new stereo system.

  4. Home repairs: The screwdriver is useful for small home repairs, such as tightening loose cabinet hardware or fixing a loose doorknob.

  5. DIY projects: The screwdriver is a handy tool for various DIY projects, such as building shelves or constructing a birdhouse.