3 Layer Water tank-Capacity:2000Ltr

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Short Description:
These tanks have an outer layer that shields from UV rays and an additional layer that improves internal visibility. These tanks have a very long lifespan, are leak-proof, and do not rust or corrode.
Manufacturer Astral
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Manufacturer part number A832302WHSB
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specifications 

3 Layer Water tank-Capacity:2000Ltr 

Avilable color: White,yellow,blue,green,black


* Water storage tank  are made from LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene). The triple layer water tank resin used has high ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance).  ESCR enables the tank to have maximum possible life. We are manufacturing 3 layers UV stabilized tank.

* UV water storage tank stabilization prevents degradation and ensures that there is no cracking, chalking or loss in physical properties of tank.