485 Cable (Armored)-Size:0.32Sq.mm, Size in Gauges:22AWG

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Short Description:
485 cable refers to a type of data communication cable that is commonly used in industrial automation and control systems. It is a twisted pair cable that uses differential signaling to transmit data between devices. The armored version of 485 cable has an additional layer of protection in the form of a metal sheath or braid, which provides extra resistance against physical damage, interference, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).
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Product Specifications

Product: 485 Cable (Armored)-


Size in Gauges:22AWG,



Applications of 485 cable (armored) include:

  • Connecting various types of industrial equipment, such as PLCs, sensors, actuators, and motor drives, to a control system or network
  • Transmitting data over long distances, often in harsh or noisy environments where interference and signal degradation may be an issue
  • Providing reliable and secure communication between devices in hazardous locations, such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and power stations
  • Used in applications where high-speed data transmission, robustness, and flexibility are required