Air Mover/Carpet Dryer - 220 Volt, Power - 950W

Short Description:
Air Mover/ Carpet Dryer it includes an internal electric motor that is powerful and strong and is rated for 3/4 HP of power. This electric motor enables it to deliver a comparatively high airflow output of up to 2800 CFM for all types of heavy-duty use.
Manufacturer Powervent
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Manufacturer part number PV-AMCD
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification  

* Supply - 220V

* Power - 950W

* Frequency - 50 Hz


Using an air mover or carpet dryer is excellent for air-drying damp carpets and other materials that have been wet and need to be dried. It has high and low settings and may be positioned in a number of different ways. Stronger than I had thought, the air flow will keep our porch dry. It can be used as a fan and is portable.