Aluminium Surface Round, Square Led Panel Light - Wattage:20 W

Short Description:
Compact square LED panel lights are mostly utilized as decorative lighting fixtures. These panel lights offer high intensity discharge and are significantly less expensive than conventional lighting.
Manufacturer ARV
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Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

Brand ARV
Body Material ALUMINIUM
Lighting Type Incandascent
Wattage 20 W
IP Rating IP33
Color Temperature  6500K
Input Voltage 100 - 280VAC
Warranty 2 Year
Shape Round
Frequency 50Hz

Product Description

As one of the most reputable businesses in this industry, we specialise in providing 20WSurface Panel PC Body.
Body. Illumination has been transformed by square LED panel lights; its modern design provides any space a streamlined appearance and their gentle, high intensity lighting is ideal for professional environments.
Many organisations are increasingly switching to LED panel lighting systems since they are now the most economical lighting option.