Aluminum Armored Cable-Size:500Sq.meter, 1Core

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Aluminum Armored Cable is a type of electrical cable that has a layer of aluminum armor around it. The armor provides protection to the cable against mechanical damage, such as impacts or crushing, and also offers a level of electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection. The cable is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings for power distribution, control, and lighting applications.
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Product: Aluminum Armored Cable-




Aluminum Armored Cable is designed for use in harsh environments where the cable is exposed to moisture, chemicals, and other elements that can cause damage to the insulation and conductors. The armor protects the cable from these hazards, making it suitable for use in outdoor and underground applications. The cable is also resistant to fire and can withstand high temperatures.

The aluminum armor is made up of interlocking strips of aluminum that are wrapped around the cable in a spiral pattern. The armor provides a level of flexibility to the cable, allowing it to be bent and twisted without damaging the insulation or conductors. The conductors inside the cable are typically made of copper, which offers excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance.