Blue Cat6 D Patch Cord-Length:2M

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Short Description:
The Blue Cat6 D Patch Cord is a type of Ethernet cable used to connect devices to a wired network. It is designed to support data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps and operates on the Category 6 (Cat6) standard.
Manufacturer D-LINK
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Manufacturer part number NCB-C6UBLUR1-2
Place Of Origin Taiwan
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  • Category: Cat6
  • Connector type: RJ45
  • Cable length: 2 meters (6.56 feet)
  • Cable type: UTP (unshielded twisted pair)
  • Color: Blue
  • Data transfer rate: Up to 10 Gbps
  • Conductor material: Copper
  • Jacket material: PVC


  • Office networks: A Blue Cat6 D Patch Cord is commonly used in offices to connect computers, printers, and other devices to a network.
  • Home networks: The patch cord can be used to connect devices in a home network, such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, and streaming devices.
  • Data centers: The patch cord is commonly used in data centers to connect servers and switches to a network.
  • Industrial environments: The patch cord can be used in industrial settings to connect devices in a factory or production line to a network.
  • Telecommunications: The patch cord is used in telecommunications systems to connect devices such as routers and modems to a network.