Capacitor - Frequency:50 H Z

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A capacitor is a device that uses the accumulation of electric charges on two nearby surfaces that are electrically isolated from one another to store electrical energy in an electric field.
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Product Specification

Voltage Rating  440 V
Material Copper, Aluminum, Etc
Tolerance -5 / +10%
Frequency 50 and 500 Hz
Output Power 10  kVAr
Switch Rating 16 to 300 A
Cu Cable Size 0.75 to 120 mm2


The following are some of the numerous uses for capacitors in various electrical industries:

1. Storage of energy: When a capacitor is linked to an electrical circuit, its main use is to store electric energy. In the current world, capacitors are used everywhere. These parts are present in almost every electrical and electronic equipment you use even if you can't see them. 

2. Camera flashes: Prior to the advent of LEDs, camera flashes produced light using tiny filament bulbs. Without an excessively huge body, a vintage camera couldn't produce enough power to light a strong flash. This issue was resolved with capacitors, which charged and stored energy before to each flash. Pulsed power is demonstrated here.

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