CCTV Digital Camera-AHD Input:5MP, Camera Range:25 to 30M, Current:10A

Short Description:
AHD stands for "Analog High Definition." AHD CCTV cameras use analog signals to transmit high-definition video footage over coaxial cables. The main advantage of AHD CCTV cameras over traditional analog cameras is the higher resolution and better image quality.
Manufacturer Hikvision
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Manufacturer part number 4-CH DVR DS-7A04 HGHI-F1
Place Of Origin India
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 3 Piece
Camera Technology Digital Camera
Consumption 50 Hz
Current 10A
Size Small
Camera Range 25 to 30 m
Channel 4-CH HD DVR
Pixel 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 5MP
Condition New
AHD input 5 MP
HDCVI input 1080p25
Dual Stream Support Yes
Network Protocols TCP/IP
Model No. DS-7A04 HGHI-F1 4-CH DVR
Zoom Function Yes
Brand Hikvision
No.of Channel 4 Channel



AHD cameras are commonly used for surveillance and security purposes in various settings such as homes, offices, retail stores, and public spaces. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and they can be accessed remotely through a network or internet connection. Some of the applications of AHD CCTV cameras include monitoring employee activity, preventing theft and vandalism, and ensuring public safety.