Circular Hollow Section (CHS)-Size:114.3x4.5 MM

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Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) are round tubular steel sections that are used for a variety of purposes in civil engineering. They are usually available in the market as hot-rolled or cold-formed sections. Price are Per Kg Basis
Manufacturer Tata
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Product Specification

* The circular hollow section

* Size : 114.3x4.5 MM

* Standard Lengths : 7.5m 

* Make : TATA


Circular hollow sections are used as structural compression members where the unsupported length is equal in all directions. They are also used as struts & tie members of a truss. Adding on the shape of circular hollow sections attracts minimal wind force making them ideal for poles, transmission line and communication towers too.Hot-rolled circular hollow sections are usually employed for structural purposes such as columns, struts, ties, etc. Cold-formed sections are usually used as purlins and as framing for lightweight building construction.