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A collecting breeching is a type of fire hose fitting used to collect water from a pressurized source, such as a fire hydrant, and distribute it to one or more hose lines. This particular collecting breeching is sized at 63mm (2.1/2") and consists of a T-shaped fitting with one inlet and two outlets. The inlet side has male threads that connect to the female threads of a fire hydrant, while the outlets have female threads to connect to the male threads of a fire hose.
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  • Maximum working pressure of up to 16 bar.
  • Constructed from durable materials such as brass to withstand high pressure and resist corrosion.


  • Used in firefighting operations to collect water from a pressurized source and distribute it to one or more hose lines.
  • Can be used to connect a fire hose to a fire hydrant or other pressurized water source.
  • Can also be used in industrial settings for water delivery, such as in irrigation systems or water supply for manufacturing processes.