Cornetto 16 Amp One Way Switch (Oval Switches) - 504

Short Description:
Designed to function in a one-way switching circuit, a 16 amp one way switch is an electrical switch with a maximum current handling capacity of 16 amperes (A). It is frequently used to regulate the flow of electricity to equipment or appliances that need a higher current than standard switches are able to provide.
Manufacturer Cornetto Switches
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification:

Current rating 16A
Circuit Type 1 Way
Number of Module 1M
Color Grey and Black
Voltage 240A



Common applications for the 16 amp one-way switch include those requiring the control of high electrical loads.

1.) Controlling the power supply to powerful appliances like air conditioners, electric ovens, and washing machines is one of the most popular uses of a 16 amp one way switch. These devices need a switch that can handle the high electrical load required to operate them.

2.) Industrial applications frequently employ 16 amp one way switches to regulate the electricity supply to large machinery or devices that have a high electrical load.

3.) 16 amp one way switches are used to regulate the power supply to high-load appliances like air conditioners or water heaters in commercial and public spaces like hotels, hospitals, and shopping centres.

4.) The power supply to outdoor lighting fixtures, such as spotlights or floodlights, that require a higher electrical load than standard switches can handle, is also managed by 16 amp one way switches.