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CPVC Ball Valve Handle-Size:1⁄2 Inch

Short Description:
CPVC Ball Valve is utilized to manually operate the valve. Many valves that are automatically controlled lack handles, however some, like stop-check valves, may have a handle (or something similar) to allow for manual override.
Manufacturer Astral
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Manufacturer part number M512118001N
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Product Specification

* CPVC Ball Valve Handle

* Size:1⁄2 Inch


A ball valve handle aids in opening or closing the valve, permitting or restricting fluid flow. Manual control of the valve is also possible, as is external actuators powered by air or electricity. A knob, lever, or wheel is used to operate a manual ball valve.

A ball valve is a flow control device that regulates the flow of fluid through it using a hollow, perforated, and pivoting ball. When the ball's hole is parallel to the flow inlet, the valve is open. When the ball is turned 90 degrees by the valve handle, the valve is closed, obstructing the flow. It is simple to visually confirm the status of the valve because the handle sits flat in line with the flow when it is open and perpendicular to it when it is closed. The 1/4 turn in the closed position can be made either clockwise or counterclockwise.