CPVC Fitting Elbow 90° (4-WAY)-Size:3⁄4"

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Short Description:
CPVC Fitting(Elbow 90°- SOC) is a special piece of CPVC plastic that is used to guide water flow in three separate directions, all at 90-degree angles to one another.
Manufacturer Astral
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Place Of Origin India
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Product Specifications

* CPVC Fitting Elbow

* 90° 4-WAY°

* Size:3⁄4"


A fitting is a piece of pipe or tubing that can be detached and connects two such pieces of pipe or tubing together or ties one piece of pipe to another. Fittings are frequently used in mechanical and plumbing processes for a number of purposes.
To modify the direction of liquid flow, use PVC elbows. A piping system can therefore be designed to fit in an existing location. For instance, domestic plumbing frequently needs to pivot in order to flow where it is needed in order to avoid or reach exterior lines.