CPVC Fitting(Coupler-SOC)-Size:1Inch

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In any plumbing application, whether domestic, irrigational, or industrial, pipe couplings or couplers are a relatively frequent fitting. Given that CPVC is a common choice for piping in residential and commercial water supply, couplings composed of CPVC are common fittings.
Manufacturer Astral
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Manufacturer part number M512111003
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Product Specifications

* CPVC Fitting(Coupler-SOC)-Size:1Inch, Make: Astral, Size:2.5CM


* CPVC pipe fittings are used in industrial plumbing for chemicals. They are used in the transportation of chemicals and hot corrosive fluids that includes a wide range of inorganic acids, bases used in chemical processing.

* Fire Sprinkler CPVC pipe fittings are widely used for fire sprinkler applications also. CPVC Fittings Sizes & Specifications