CPVC Fitting(Cross-SOC)-Size:1Inch

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CPVC Four-way fittings, commonly referred to as pipe crosses, have one inlet and three exits. They often feature solvent-welded ends with female threads that fit into the sockets. Male pipe fittings may be attached safely and with a secure grip thanks to the threads' design. A 90° angle separates the ends from one another.
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* CPVC Fitting(Cross-SOC)

* Size:1Inch

* Size:2.5CM


Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, or CPVC, is a robust and rigid thermoplastic material used in residential construction for applications involving hot and cold potable water. Because of its makeup, CPVC can sustain higher temperatures than PVC and is unaffected by heavily chlorinated tap water. Commercial- or industrial-grade liquid distribution pipes are connected together with fittings made of CPVC. These pipes are frequently used in their place and may perform many of the same tasks as copper or cast iron pipes. When required, vent piping built of CPVC can also be utilised, but only when the air temperature is below 200 degrees.