CPVC Fitting(Elbow 90°- SOC)-Size:1 1⁄4Inch

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Industrial fittings called CPVC elbows alter the pipe's direction while acting as the location where your arm flexes. It is no longer necessary to purchase an expensive pipe bender in order to bend usually threaded pipes to fit around or into limited locations by employing the connections.
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Product Specification

* CPVC Fitting(Elbow 90°- SOC)

* Size:1 1⁄4Inch

*  Size:3.2CM


This CPVC fitting is an enlarged elbow that is used in plumbing systems to divert hot and cold water flow at a 90-degree angle. The extension is useful for mounting bathroom fixtures through concrete wall blocks that are thicker than usual. The fitting's sweep indicates how rapidly a transition or direction change is made.