Crimping Tool-Model no:11212530

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The goal of this modular crimping tool was to provide a high-leverage, ultra-stable foundation for dependable, high-quality terminations. Its intended user was the professional installer. Category 6A and telephone cables are acceptable for use with this device.
Manufacturer FLUKE
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Manufacturer part number 11212530
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Product Specification 

* Crimping Tool-Model no:11212530


Strip the insulation from your wire to leave enough room for the crimp connector to slip onto the end. You can use a wire stripper for this .Twist the end of the wire to make the end firmer and allow for a better connection . Insert the connector into the crimping tool and gently hold it. Insert the wire into the crimping connector, then firmly apply pressure. If using a ratchet crimping tool, it will release automatically when the crimp is made, so you likely won't have to squeeze as hard. You can test a bad crimp by pulling apart the connector and wire to see if it fails. It's always better for a crimp to fail before you've installed it, than afterwards.