Curved Jaw Locking Plier - Size:7 inch

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Curved jaw locking pliers, also known as curved jaw Vise-Grip pliers, are a type of hand tool that feature a set of jaws with curved surfaces that provide a strong grip on a variety of objects. The jaws can be adjusted to different sizes and locked in place, allowing the pliers to securely hold objects of different shapes and sizes.
Manufacturer STANLEY
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Brand Stanley
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7 inch


Some common applications of curved jaw locking pliers include:

  1. Clamping and holding: These pliers are ideal for clamping and holding objects in place while you work on them, such as holding a pipe while you tighten a fitting.

  2. Wire cutting and bending: The curved jaws of these pliers make them useful for cutting and bending wires and other materials.

  3. Welding and metalworking: Curved jaw locking pliers are often used in welding and metalworking applications for holding and manipulating metal pieces.

  4. Automotive repair: These pliers can be used for various tasks in automotive repair, such as holding and twisting bolts and clamps.

  5. Plumbing: Curved jaw locking pliers can be used in plumbing for gripping and turning pipes, fittings, and other plumbing components.