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Picture of Chop Saw-355 MM

Chop Saw-355 MM

Chop Saws are abrasive saws, which are circular saws that are frequently used to cut hard materials including metal, tile, and concrete. An abrasive disc that resembles a thin grinding wheel does the cutting.
₹ 9,775.00 ₹ 11,241.25
Picture of Blower (Dewalt Make)-Watts:800W, Speed:0-16000RPM

Blower (Dewalt Make)-Watts:800W, Speed:0-16000RPM

Power Output:800 W, Voltage:230 V, Speed:0-16000 RPM, Air Flow:4.5 M3/Min
₹ 3,226.00 ₹ 6,095.00
Picture of Heat Gun (Dewalt Make)-Power Consumption:2000W

Heat Gun (Dewalt Make)-Power Consumption:2000W

General Brand:DEWALT Model Number:D26414 Power Consumption:2000 W Temperature Setting:50-600 Heat Setting:Variable Material:Plastic Color:Yellow Dimensions: Cord Length:10 m Width:27.8 mm Height:28.6 mm Depth:27.8 mm Weight:0.8 kg
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