Door Frame Metal Detector SCS-FALCONER 901

Short Description:
Door Frame Metal Detector is a walk-through metal detector system that only has one piece and doesn't need a separate control panel. When asked to pass through a doorframe, it has been created to find hidden ferrous and non-ferrous metals on a person's body.
Manufacturer SCS
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Product Specification 

* Alarm Mode Sound -  Led Lights

* Model -  Police Model

* Features - Low Cost Walk Through For Weapon Detection

* Battery Charging Type -  Plugged in Charging, Rechargable Batteries

* Metal Detector Type -  Walk Through Metal Detector

* Power Supply -  Dual

* Power Source - Dual


Metal artefacts can be found on land, in the ocean, or underground using metal detectors. The actual device is made up of a control box and an adjustable shaft that contains a pickup coil with a wide range of size and form options. At entry points to prisons, courts, airports, and psychiatric hospitals, metal detectors are used to look for concealed metal weapons on a person's body.