Electric Infrared Cooker_2200W

Short Description:
The usage of infrared cookers in the kitchen allows food to be prepared without the use of radiation. Due to its benefits, which outweigh its drawbacks, this technology is quite significant. Infrared stoves with ceramic tops constitute the majority. An infrared cooker cooks food quickly and efficiently.
Manufacturer WELLMOUNT
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Products Specifications

* Touch Panel 
* High Resistant Glass
* Ceramic Heating Element
* Fire Proof Material 
* Timer Function
High & Low Voltage Protection 6 Digit Led Display No Magnetic Radiation
* Model Code 102


In other words, infrared radiation ensures that food is heated through radiation rather than convection, providing far more level, continuous heat over the entire grill. The effectiveness and heat source temperature of infrared grilling are its second, and possibly more well-known, features.