External Bent Circlip Plier-Size:130MM, 5 Inch

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External bent circlip pliers are a specialized type of hand tool used for installing and removing external circlips, which are circular clips that fit into a groove on the outside of a shaft or a bore. These pliers have bent jaws that allow them to access and manipulate circlips in hard-to-reach areas.
Manufacturer STANLEY
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Manufacturer part number 84-338-23
Place Of Origin Inida
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Brand Stanley
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130 mm

Nose Type

External Bent

Item Code


Jaw Opening Capacity

8-25 mm


Some common applications of external bent circlip pliers include:

  1. Automotive repair: These pliers are commonly used in automotive repair for installing and removing circlips on various components, such as axles, brakes, and transmission parts.

  2. Mechanical engineering: External bent circlip pliers are used in mechanical engineering for installing and removing circlips on various types of machinery and equipment.

  3. DIY projects: These pliers are a versatile tool that can be used for a range of DIY projects, such as repairing appliances and machinery, building furniture, and more.