Short Description:
A fixed clamp is a device used to hold two objects or parts firmly in place. The clamp is fixed to a stationary object, such as a workbench, and the object to be clamped is placed between the jaws of the clamp. The clamp is then tightened, holding the object securely.
Manufacturers SDE , Jindal , SAIL , Tata
Place Of Origin INDIA
Return Returnable Product
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Size 50x50 mm
Material Steel
Finish Zinc plated
Jaw width 50 mm
Maximum opening 60 mm
Screw diameter M8
Screw length 50 mm
Mounting holes 4 holes, diameter 8.5 mm
Mounting hole distance 30x30 mm
Clamping force 4000 N
Weight 0.48 kg


  • Used in woodworking, metalworking, and other manufacturing industries to hold workpieces securely in place.
  • Used in DIY projects such as building furniture or installing fixtures.
  • Useful in automotive repairs and maintenance to hold parts in place while work is being performed.
  • Can be used for holding pipes, tubes, or other cylindrical objects during cutting or shaping.
  • Used in welding to hold two pieces of metal together while they are being joined.