Flameproof Street Light , For Chemical Industries - IP Rating:IP66

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Short Description:
Flameproof street lights are made to be utilised in dangerous settings, such chemical plants, where it's possible that there will be explosive fumes or vapours. Any internal spark or heat that could set off an explosion is designed to be contained by these lights.
Manufacturer ILS
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Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

Brand ILS
Model No  IFS40
Lighting Type LED
Lighting Color Cool White
Certification CIMFR, ISI
Usage/Application Chemical Industries
IP Rating IP66

Product Description

Exclusive range of FLP Street Lights from 30W to 70W with various CCT, beam angles and dimming options. ILS street lights are  made of die-casted enclosure and heat-sink for best performance and reliability as well as maintenance free operation for years. Suitable for Chemical Industry, Paint Industry,  Fertilizer Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, LPG Bottling Industry, Pharma Industry,  Steel Industry, Cement Industry,  Mines,  Refineries & Petrochemicals.