FULL HD 1080P lite DVR

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Short Description:
A Full HD 1080P lite DVR is a digital video recorder used for surveillance and security purposes. It allows users to record and store high-quality video footage from multiple surveillance cameras simultaneously.
Manufacturer D-LINK
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Manufacturer part number DVR-F2216-M1H5
Place Of Origin India
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Specifications :

  • Full HD 1080P lite video recording for high-quality footage
  • Support for multiple surveillance cameras (usually 4, 8, or 16 channels)
  • H.264 video compression technology for efficient storage of video footage
  • HDMI and VGA video outputs for connection to a monitor or TV
  • Remote access and control through a smartphone app or web browser
  • Motion detection and alert notifications
  • Compatibility with various types of surveillance cameras
  • Support for multiple recording modes, including manual, scheduled, and motion detection

Applications :

The Full HD 1080P lite video recording capability of this DVR ensures that users can capture clear and detailed video footage from their surveillance cameras. The support for multiple cameras allows users to monitor multiple areas simultaneously, making it ideal for use in homes, businesses, or public areas.