Gandhar Divyol way lube oil , Grade - 68 , Size - 26 L

Short Description:
One kind of hydraulic oil is way oil, often known as way lubricant. Tackifiers, for example, can be added to hydraulic oils to improve the way the oil adheres to surfaces. The tackifier ingredient in way oil is perfect for slideway systems and other vertical machine components. The machining process must pay special attention to friction.
Manufacturer Gandhar
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Product Specification 

* Grade - 68 

* Size - 26 L 

* Packaging  type - Bucket 

* Brand - Gandhar 


A frequent lubricant for slideways and other places where machine components move on top of one another is way oil. The way oil adheres to slides lubricates them and lowers friction. This oil is designed specifically to reduce stick-slip in machine tool applications and offers smooth motion even under large loads.

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