Gas Chromatography, For Laboratory Use - Model:6700 GC

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Gas Chromatography, For Laboratory Use - Model:6700 GC
Manufacturer part number 6700 GC
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

Model 6700 GC
Application Laboratory Use
Brand Newchrom Technologies
Temp Range Ambient to 399 degree C
Heating Rate 70 to 350 degree C in 8 minutes.
Temp Programming 0.1 degree C to 29 degree C / min in steps of 0.1 degree C/min.
Display Digital display of set &actual status of temp.,current etc.
Oven Body Stainless Steel Oven
Minimum Detection Limit 20pg /sec of dodecane.
Electrometer Sensitivit 1 x 10-12 Amps full scale on
TCD Filament Curren 300mA

Product Description

Newchrom 6700 GC Gas Chromatography is a modular, solidstate instrument designed for a variety of analytical and non-analytical applications. it comprises of the basic unit to which a board range of optional modules may be added. Options available permit isothermal or temperature programmed operation, use of thermal conductivity detector, flame ionization detectors, nitrogen phosphorus detectors or ECD detector, syringe or valve sample introduction.a large oven with a removable front opening door is standard. Each heated zone – injectors, detectors, column oven – is insulated to minimize heat transfer between zones, the temperature of each one of which can be controlled and read independently. Flow and pressure controls of the carrier gas, fuel and air are housed on right side towards the back of the oven. Top mounted injectors allow vertical sample injection.

Chromatography Software:
  • Microsoft Window based Single / Dual channel 32-bit software with sampling frequency 50 Hz. Qualitative & quantitative, end results with internal, external, percentage & Area normalization basis. Data management controller capable for find RT, chrotogram tracing, zooming, sequencing, overlaying, panning, height, % height, area, % area with customized report generation etc. High speed independent up to four channel and other activities proceeding in Windows with optional Networking.
  • We reserve the right to change any technical specification mentioned above without any prior notification .This is due to Incorporation of latest technology developed at our R & D centre.
  • Customized GLC System: We also develop & manufacture the GLC System as per specific requirement according to your application need or tender specifications.