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Gas Chromatography - Model:6800 GC

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Gas Chromatography - Model:6800 GC
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Product Specification

Display Inch 7inch.
Model 6800 GC
Application Laboratory Use
Brand Newchrom Technologies
Temp Range Ambient to 400 degreeC instep of 0.1 degreeC with accuracy of +/- 0.2degree C
Heating Rate 70 to 350 degreeC in 8 minutes.
Cooling Rate 400 degree C to 70 degree C in 6 minutes.
Range 1,x10,x100,x1000
Output 1 mV DC or 1.0 DC or 10 V

Product Description

Newchrom 6800 Gas Chromatography is a modular, microprocessor based temperature controlled instrument designed for a variety of analytical applications .it comprises of the basic unit to which a broad range of optional modules may be added. Options available permit isothermal or temperature programmed operation, use of thermal conductivity, flame ionization detectors, nitrogen phosphorus detectors and ECD detector, syringe or valve sample introduction.

A large oven with a removable front opening door is standard. Each heated zone – Injectors, Detectors, Column Oven – is insulated to Minimize heat transfer between zones; the temperature of each one can be controlled and read independently.


  • Temp. Range : Ambient to 400 ºC instep of 0.1 ºC with accuracy of ± 0.2ºC
  • Heating Rate : 70 to 350 ºC in<8 minutes.
  • Cooling rate : 400 ºC to 70 ºC in <6 minutes.
  • Temp. Programming : 0.1 ºC to 40 ºC / min in steps of 0.1 ºC/min.
  • 9 RAMPS, 10 Plateus with hold time in single Method.No. of Method 99 methods in non-volatile memory with name description and serial number.
  • Auto Diagnostic : Check, correct operation & status of GC –control, CPU, RAM, ROM Temp.sensors etc.
  • Oven Capacity : Accept S.S., Glass, all type of Capillary Column, up to 3 Injector, 3 Column, and 3 Detectors Simultaneously.
  • Display : Large LCD – Display of set &actual status of temp. , current etc, simultaneously.
  • Oven Body : Stainless Steel Oven capacity 15-16
  • liter.



  • Temp. Range: Ambient to 450 ºC in step of 0.1ºC with accuracy of ± 0.2 ºC
  • Can accept S.S. / Glass up to 12m length, wide bore Capillary column up to 110 m length.
  • Temp. Range: Ambient to 450 ºC in step of 0.1ºC with accuracy of ±0.2ºC Can accept all type of capillary column up to 110 m length.