GROZ 220V DC Heavy Duty Electric Oil Pump, OPM/12V

Short Description:
GROZ Electric Oil Pump When an engine is stopped, such as when a vehicle is idling stop and start, an electric oil pump is used to keep oil pressure in the automatic transmission or continuously variable transmission and to lubricate it. Outline. Features: Integrated pump and motor structure; compact and light weight;
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Product Specification 

* Brand - GROZ

* Speed - 1440/1720 rpm

* Inlet Size - 1 inch NPT

* Mechanism - Gear pump

* Threads - 2 inch

* Flow Rate - 11.5 LPM 

* Working Pressure -65 PSI

* Length - 34 inch long

* Voltage - 12 V AC

* Outlet - 3/4 inch NPT

* Motor Power - 1/2 HP

* Hose - 3/4x8 inch

* Current - 39 A

* Item Code - OPM/12V


Oils, Synthetic Oils, Used Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Cutting Oils, Oil Based Herbicides, Non-Flammable Oil Based Solvents, Liquid Soap, etc. can all be transported with a heavy-duty oil pump.
The major function of the oil pump is to pressurise engine oil and provide it to the bearings, pistons, and camshaft. This aids in engine cooling, lubricates these systems, and permits the use of higher-capacity fluid bearings.