GROZ Angle Impact Wrench, IPW/307, 1/2 inch

Short Description:
GROZ An impact wrench, also referred to as an impactor, impact gun, air wrench, air gun, rattle gun, torque gun, or windy gun, is a type of socket wrench power tool that uses a rotating mass to store energy before abruptly releasing it into the output shaft to produce high torque output with little user effort.
Manufacturer GROZ
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Product Specification 

* Brand - Groz 

* Maximum Torque - 678 Nm

* Size - 1/2 inch 

* Material - Aluminium 

* Weight - 1.4 kg 

* Mechanism - Jumbo 

* Item Code - IPW/307

* Dimensions LxWxH - 44x35.5x12 cm


The best tool for tightening up a device in a small, hard-to-reach location is an angle head, as seen in agricultural equipment, chassis, and other items. - One hand switched backward and forward. -Two steps of the forward torque setting allow for optimum torque management without overtightening Bolts, lug nuts, and corroded fasteners can be tightened and loosened with excellent success with impact wrenches. They generate high torque production with little effort from the user and offer a very high rotational torque that standard drills are just not capable of.