GROZ Bottle Jack Model No- JACK/BT/32W

Short Description:
GROZ A jack with a body that is cylindrical and a neck that resembles a bottle is called a bottle jack or a whisky jack. A vertical lifting ram with some sort of support pad fixed to the top is within. The jack can operate hydraulically or via a screw mechanism.
Manufacturer GROZ
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Production Specification

* Brand - Groz 

* Type of Product - Hydraulic Bottle Jack

* Lift Height - 260-420 mm

* Capacity - 32 Ton 

* Model No - JACK/BT/32W

* Material - Alloy Steel, Cast Iro 


Vehicles frequently employ bottle jacks, which are excellent for changing wheels. A detachable lever is used to pump up the jack after it has been properly positioned underneath the automobile to raise it. This raises the car enough to enable for the replacement of the wheel. With its long arm and horizontal pistons, a floor jack can lift objects vertically. Floor jacks are frequently found in garages and include wheels or castors. Compared to bottle jacks, these jacks can raise a higher load. By using a pump plunger to force hydraulic fluid into the jack's cylinder, hydraulic jacks operate. The fluid is taken from the reservoir into the pump chamber when the plunger is retracted.