GROZ Electronic Oil Meter, Model No-OM/200/1-2/BSP

Short Description:
GROZ In applications where a prompt control of the supplied fluid is necessary, an electronic device for fluid metering was created.
Manufacturer GROZ
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Product Specification

* Brand - Groz 

* Threads - 1/2 inch BSP (F)

* Repeatability - 0.002

* Flow Rate - 1-30 LPM

* Accuracy - ± 0.50%

* Temperature  -14 to 55 deg C

* Pressure - Upto 1000 PSI

* Least Count - 0.001 Units 

* Item Code - OM/200/1-2/BSP

* Weight - 60 g

* Dimensions LxWxH - 14x14x10 cm


The digital flow metres, which come with two displays, one for partial measures that can be reset and one for total measures that cannot be reset and highlight the dispensed fluid, enable for accurate display of push-button delivery. Suitable for various oils with low, medium, or high viscosities. On an LCD or LED display, electronic metres show the amount of energy used. Some of them can also send data to far-off locations. Electronic metres can record other load and supply parameters in addition to energy usage, including voltages, power factors, reactive power usage, instantaneous and maximum rate of utilisation needs, and so forth. Additionally, they can assist time-of-day invoicing, for instance, by keeping track of how much energy is used during peak and off-peak hours.