GROZ Floor Jack Model No- Jack/FL/3D

Short Description:
GROZ A jack is a mechanical lifting tool used to raise big objects or exert powerful forces. A mechanical jack uses a screw thread to lift large pieces of machinery. Hydraulic power is used by a hydraulic jack. [1] The most popular type elevates vehicles so that maintenance may be done and goes by the names of a car jack, floor jack, or garage jack.
Manufacturer GROZ
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Product Specification 

* Brand Name - Groz 

* Type of Product - Floor Jack 

* Model No - JACK/FL/3D

* Capacity - 3 Ton

* Weight - 33 Kg

* Lift Height - 133-465 mm 


Simple tools called floor jacks are used to help lift the car you're working on. With a hand lever and hydraulics, you may lift a piece of the car. These tools are incredibly powerful and simple to use for anyone without much mechanical knowledge. With its long arm and horizontal pistons, a floor jack can lift objects vertically. Floor jacks are frequently found in garages and include wheels or castors. Compared to bottle jacks, these jacks can raise a higher load.