GROZ High Pressure Grease Hose Reel, HR/GR/10M/3-8/B

Short Description:
GROZ A hose is kept on a cylindrical spindle known as a "hose reel," which is made of metal, fiberglass, or plastic. The three most popular types of hose reels are motorized, manual crank, and spring-driven (self-retracting).
Manufacturer GROZ
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Product Specification 

* Brand - Groz 

* Threads - Inlet: 3/8 inch

* Hose Length - 10 m 

* Hose Inner Diameter - 3/8 inch

* Hose Outer Diameter - 3/4 inch

* Pressure - 4000 PSI

* Item Code - HR/GR/10/3-8/B


Hose reels are used in any industry that needs cords, wires, cables, or hoses. They are a great way to arrange, access, and store items that resemble hoses. They are utilised in cleaning systems, fire prevention, and a variety of industrial applications, though liquid dispensing is where they are most frequently found. Military hose reels come in a range of styles and are used for a variety of purposes. They serve a variety of functions, including supplying water for combating fires, storing cables, and delivering fuel. Military hose reels need to be strong and resilient enough to survive the strain and rough handling they will experience. Those who have received the government of the United States' permission are given a National Stock Number (NSN), which denotes that they have satisfied the strict criteria necessary for militry use.