GROZ Ratcheting Bearing Pullers BPL/RT/5T

Short Description:
GROZ While setting the puller, the ratcheting mechanism keeps the jaws in place. used to remove shafts, housings, bearing flanges, flywheels, pulleys, and gears.
Manufacturer GROZ
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Product Specification 

* Brand - Groz 

* Material of Rod - Chrome Molybdenum Steel 

* Maximum Reach - 150 mm 

* Model No - BPL/RT/5T

* Product Type - Bearing Pullers

* Safe Working Load - 5 ton

* Spread Range  - 100 - 150 mm 


A bearing puller is a tool used to extract parts from a shaft or a recess, including bearings, gears, and pulleys. Before forcing the component off the shaft, the puller firmly grasps it in specially crafted jaws. Both 3 jaw and 2 jaw variants are offered for the most popular puller types. The most popular pullers have three jaws because the extra jaw helps to distribute force more uniformly. However, a 2-jaw puller can be utilised in places with limited access, providing that it is operated cautiously.