Impact Sockets, For Bolt Tightening - Size:1 inch x 46 mm

Short Description:
Impact Socket is a ductile substance that gives the socket extra elasticity and tends to flex or stretch instead of shattering. It is used to make impact sockets. This aids in preventing unusual deformation or harm to the anvil of the tool.
Manufacturer 9 TORC
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Product Specification

Usage/Application    Bolt Tightening
* Socket Type    Impact Socket
* Material    Steel Alloy
* Drive Size    1 inch x 46 mm
* Brand    9 TORC
* Surface Finished    Blackodised
* Hole Shape    Square


When more force can be exerted, impact sockets are almost solely utilised with powered impact wrenches or drivers. Mechanics typically use them to release seized nuts and bolts from vehicles. Impact sockets are made to withstand the vibration that an impact wrench produces.