Indian Flat Steel Prices Likely to Remain Strong

12 January 2023

Steel slabs make flat steel products such as plates, strips, hollow sections, large-diameter welded pipes, and structural beams. The increase in Flat Steel pricing is mostly due to rising production costs. Making this the first rise offered by the steelmaker since March 2022.


What is Flat Steel?

Flat steel is a form of steel made by rolling steel slabs into sheets, plates, structural beams, and strips. Because of their distinct qualities, these goods are widely used in the construction, infrastructure, transportation, and electrical appliance sectors. Steel sheet/coil and steel plate are familiar names for flat steel products. Some types are hot rolled coil (HRC), cold rolled coil (CRC), metallic coated steel, organic coated steel, coil plate, and reversing mill plate.

Most steel plate is manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 80mm. Plates are hot rolled coil overlaps in lower gauges. Steel plates are classified into reversing mill plates and coil plates. Reversing mill plates are made by rolling a slab back and forth and have a greater thickness than coil plates. Coil plates, on the other hand, are produced by rolling in tandem mills in a single direction. The thickness of the steel sheet/coil is often less than 5mm.

Hot-rolled sheets, cold-rolled sheets, metallic-coated sheets, and organic-coated sheets are other steel sheet products. Hot rolling occurs when steel's recrystallization temperature exceeds 1700° F. Steel is easily deformed at this temperature. Compared to cold rolled steel, HRC delivers less accuracy and a lower surface polish after cooling.


Important Applications of Steel Flat Bar


The flat bar features a flat surface and a rectangular face, making it ideal for various tasks. Here are four essential applications for flat bars:

  • Frame Creation

Flat bars may be easily cut to length and drilled or welded into place for structure. Metal bars are usually used for this purpose since they are strong and can resist the structure's weight.

  • Support for Building

A flat bar is a fundamental structural support material. Support braces, ladder hangers, gate locks, duct work, overhead doors, heaters, and bracing are typical applications.

  • Additions and Improvements

Flat bars employ during the construction process; they may also be used after the fact to strengthen existing constructions. Flat bars may be cut and molded to fit, replace, or support existing materials.

  • Industry Artwork

Flat bars are popular among industrial artists and artisans who create large-scale industrial things, particularly sculptures. Flat bars are simple to form and extremely robust once forged.


The Factors Most Likely to Keep Prices Rising


  • Orders for export

After a long pause, export bookings have resumed. A few mills have received orders totaling roughly 60,000 tonnes for exporting PM plates, resulting in a product shortfall.

  • Import bookings are declining

With the worldwide markets price recovery, new import bookings of flat steel goods have ceased. As a result, buyers considering importing materials are now aggressively booking from domestic facilities.

  • There is a shortage of completed steel items

According to reports, the leading steel makers need more completed steel product stockpiles. They are charging a premium since they do not stock specified long steel items. Due to solid demand, mills have declared a price increase of Rs 2,000-2,500 per tonne for January 2023 delivery of rebars and wire rods.

  • Increased export realizations

Inquiries from European countries have resumed. Indian suppliers are also looking to maintain prices higher for the next round of export orders, which will eventually underpin local pricing.

  • CR coils that have been auto-graded

The demand for auto-grade CR coils in India is predicted to rise in 2023 due to increasing vehicle manufacturing, which is expected to reach a four-year high. The Semiconductor Consortium suggested a $3 billion chip factory in Karnataka and a $20 billion facility in Gujarat to address the semiconductor issue.

  • Pipe mills have high-volume orders

The big-diameter pipe companies and the leading steel manufacturers are swamped with pipe orders for February and March 2023 deliveries. It's also driving up demand for flat steel items. The major pipe mills have also upped bids in proportion to the increase in HR coil for January 2023 orders.


How vital is Flat Steel in the Indian Economy?


In addition to being one of the most significant building and infrastructure materials, steel enables a wide variety of manufacturing operations. It also generates the potential for new solutions in other areas and is required in global research and development efforts. Steel cable, rod, and sheet steel were other essential steel products, allowing for huge, high-pressure boilers and high-tensile strength steel for equipment. Military technology has also advanced tremendously. Steel contributes around 2% to the Indian economy.

The availability of less expensive iron and steel was significant in establishing various businesses. Precision ironworking became feasible with the advancement of machine tools. Other improvements included better roads, rivers, and trains. Natural resources and completed goods are transferred faster and more cheaply than ever. It is in vehicles and building equipment, refrigerators and washing machines, cargo ships, and medical scalpels. It is recycled indefinitely with no loss of property.

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