Industrial Jelly Flooded Coaxial Cable (305m Unarmored)-RG-6

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Short Description:
Industrial coaxial cable is a type of electrical cable designed for high frequency transmission of radio frequency signals, data signals, and video signals in industrial environments. It consists of a copper conductor surrounded by an insulating layer, a braided shield, and an outer sheath made of PVC or other materials.
Manufacturer POLYCAB
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Product Specifications

Product: Industrial Jelly Flooded Coaxial Cable 
Size: 305m 
Type: Unarmored RG-6
305Mtr Roll


The applications of industrial coaxial cable include:

  1. Industrial automation and control systems
  2. Telecommunications equipment
  3. CCTV systems
  4. Wireless communication systems
  5. Broadcasting and studio equipment
  6. Data transmission systems in harsh environments
  7. Test and measurement equipment.

Industrial coaxial cable is designed to withstand harsh environments, high temperatures, and chemical exposure. It is also resistant to electromagnetic interference and has low signal attenuation, making it suitable for long-distance transmission of signals.