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Picture of Polyurethane Tube-Size OD:8MM, 10Bar

Polyurethane Tube-Size OD:8MM, 10Bar

A prominent form of plastic utilised in the development and production of hoses is polyurethane tube. It is one of the more widely utilised materials because of its many resisting qualities.
₹ 57.00 ₹ 62.70
Picture of Air Circuit Breaker

Air Circuit Breaker

Air circuit breaker is a circuit breaker for the purpose of protecting low voltage circuit, mainly for energizing and cutting off high current. It is used as the master of a factory and building, and as a main circuit breaker of a ship, and it is possible to attach various accessories according to the purpose.
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Picture of Extension Board-(4 Way Single Switch)-Length:1.8Mtr.

Extension Board-(4 Way Single Switch)-Length:1.8Mtr.

An extension board connects all your electronic and electrical devices at a time and also protects them from electric surges. With the increase in electronic devices in every household, extension boards have become a necessity.
₹ 398.00 ₹ 437.80