Laser Distance Sensor-200MM to 10 Mtr (Sensing Range)

Short Description:
Laser Distance Sensors can collect measurements at a far distance thanks to laser distance sensors. These distance sensors operate on the Time-Of-Flight (ToF) concept, which requires that a laser beam be emitted and then detected as a reflection by the sensor.
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Product Specification 

* Connection Type:M125-Pin, Male Connector

* Switching Frequency:50-300 Hz

* Light Source:Laser (Red)

* IP Rating:IP65, Laser Class:2

* Material Housing:Aluminium

* Typ Light Spot Size Distance:15MM X 15MM (at 10 Mtr.)

* Output Type:Analog Output 1X4-20mA

* Protection Class:III

* Accuracy:+-10 MM

* Indication:LC Desplay-2 X LED

* Operating Sensing Range:200MM-10 Mtr.

* Ambient Operating Temperature:Upto 80 Deg C

* Supply Voltage:10-30 V DC

* Target Object:Natural Object

* Resolution:1 MM

* Additional Function:Set Moving Average: Fast/Slow

* Switching Mode: Distance to Object (DtO) Tech-in Scaling and Inversion of Switching Output,Set Hysteresis Tech-in, Scaling and Inversion of Analog Output


For quality assurance and process monitoring in engineering, laser distance sensors are fantastic. They are also appropriate for automation, the chemical sector, medical technology, and the creation of specialised machines. In the car industry, individual parts are joined to modules, which are then put together to create the finished vehicle at a production line. Some of these modules have intricate geometrical designs that make them challenging for touching sensors to detect. The measurement of these intricate structures is ideally suited to laser sensors and other non-contact transducers.