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LED Rimless Cob Downlight Round - wattage:7 W

Short Description:
cob downlights, also known as chip on board downlights because they could use energy more efficiently and are the most sophisticated light in the LED lighting market. The COB chips often have nine or more diodes.
Manufacturer ARV
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Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

model: 7w rimless ref
wattage 7w
input voltage: 90-265v ac
led type:  cob
cob size: 11mm
beam angle: 24 degree
cri: 80
outer size(mm): 81*70
cutout size(mm): 55
Brand ARV
body material: aluminium
warranty: 2 years


The chip on board downlights, also known as cob downlights, are the most advanced light in the LED lighting sector since they can use energy more efficiently. 9 or more diodes are frequently present in COB chips. But regardless of the number of diodes, COB downlights only have a circuit and two connections, giving them the panel-like appearance of COB LED lights.