LED Searchlight SCS - STREAMLITE 1010 (5-6 hrs)

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Short Description:
LED Searchlight torch has a "High Power 10 W CREE LED" that produces a long beam of light with adequate strength to reach a distance of up to 1000 m. (under test conditions). high-performance SEALED MAINTENANCE FREE components Battery. The 3 operating modes for 1010—SUPER STRONG, STRONG, and FLASHER—offer increased flexibility. Color available in Black, Gray, Green .
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Product Specification

* Lighting Type -  LED

* Usage/Application -  Search Light

* Features - Light Weight With 10W CREE LED

* Lamp Type -  10W CREE LED

* Operating Temperature -  -10C To +55C

* Battery Charger -  Yes


The present and future of home illumination are LED lights. These lights are just as adaptable as other types of home lighting, but they last a lot longer, which makes them a wise financial decision. They don't heat up like incandescent lights do. Additionally, LED lights are a safer option for household usage than Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) because they don't contain mercury, which might spill if dropped.