LED Searchlight SCS - STREAMLITE 111

Short Description:
The "High Power 15 W CREE LED" in the LED Searchlight flashlight emits a broad, strong beam of light that can travel up to 1000 metres (under test conditions). SEALED MAINTENANCE of high performance FREE elements Battery. A searchlight, commonly referred to as a spotlight, is a device that uses a carbon arc lamp as the source of illumination to produce a powerful beam of light with roughly parallel rays in one direction (traditionally). Usually, it is constructed with the capacity to swivel.
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Product Specification

* Usage/Application - 15Watt Led Water & Dust Resistant Body

* Features - On - High - Low - Flashing - SOS - Off

* Battery Type -  4V / 7AH Lead Acid Battery

* Charging Time -  7-8 Hours

* Discharge Time -  6-7 Hours Running on Different Modes

* Range -  Upto 1000m

* Dimensions -  20x15x11 (LxWxH)

* Weight -  800 gms

* Charging -  A/C Mains 220V 50Hz

* Operating Temperature -  -10 C to +55 C


Numerous ultraviolet (UV) lamps made by Streamlight are crucial weapons in the war against terrorism, fraud, and counterfeiting. These strong, dependable UV lights can quickly assist you in identifying forged documents. Their product portfolio includes right angle lights that firemen wear on their turnout gear in addition to hand-held and weapon-mountable lights. A number of their devices use dual sources, combining more potent but less durable conventional incandescent lighting with the long life of LED lamps. They also manufacture a line of laser illuminaters, like the TLR-2, which combines a laser and LED weapon light.