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LED Track Light is used by both commercial and residential lighting projects use LED track lights. A length of track that accommodates several LED light bulbs is the defining feature of track lighting. This is a very adaptable kind of lighting that can be quickly cut, curled, and modified to fit your changing lighting requirements.
Manufacturer ARV
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The 360 Degree Track COB Light from ARV allows you to appreciate the beauty of a well-lit space. The 360 Degree Track COB Spotlight's design is the perfect marriage of stunning aesthetics and practicality. The lens of the 360' Cylindrical Track COB Spotlight can spin to any degree and travel along the track, allowing a large angle of the light beam to be concentrated on a specific area of a room. The highest standards of quality and design now available around the world have been scrupulously followed in the creation of each piece. LED Lights that save energy include COB Track Lighting. This product does not contain UV radiation. The ideal ceiling light for a home or office.