Manual LPG Pump, Pressure:20kg/cm2

Short Description:
The LPG pump that is being offered is made to satisfy both the requirements for handling highly compressed gases and the established safety standards for handling gases like LPG. The materials used to construct the buildings are non-sparking and are suitable for use in LPG gas handling applications.
Manufacturer MALHAR
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Manufacturer part number MMLPG-1
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

  • Pump Type:- Manual LPG
  • Pump Piston Type 4 way non Return Valve Arrangement
  • Pump Make:- “MALHAR”
  • Pump Capacity :- 15 kg/15 Minute i.e. 1 kg/Minute , depend on nos of stroke per minute
  • Pump Model:- MMLPG-1
  • Suction X Delivery sizes:- ¼ ” x ¼ ”
  • Maximum Pressure :- 20 kg/cm2
  • Pump Weight :- 6 kg approx


This DC LPG pump is made to be portable and utilised anywhere it may be required. It is compact, portable, and lightweight. Any liquefied gas may be delivered to your car with this 0.5 HP Diaphragm LPG Pump. The 12V automobile batteries can be connected to it directly.