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Picture of  Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester-Voltage:440V, Size:400x340x110

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester-Voltage:440V, Size:400x340x110

An ultrasonic pulse velocity tester is a non-destructive testing instrument used to measure the speed of sound waves traveling through a material, typically concrete. The instrument works by sending an ultrasonic pulse through the material and measuring the time it takes for the pulse to travel through the material and reach a receiver.
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Picture of Concrete Test Hammer-Capacity:10

Concrete Test Hammer-Capacity:10

A concrete test hammer is a device that is used to measure the comprehensive strength of concrete. Let you know all about the concrete/Rebound test hammers, what it is, their working process, and their advantages, and disadvantages with the help of this article. What is a Rebound Hammer
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