Mild Steel, Swivel Clamp, size - 40x50mm

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Short Description:
Mild Steel Swivel Clamp is a type of pipe fitting that is used to connect two pipes or tubes of different sizes at an angle. The clamp is made of mild steel which is a low carbon steel that is easy to weld, cut, and form. The swivel design allows for flexibility in the connection and adjustment of the pipes or tubes.
Manufacturers SDE , TATA SHAKTEE , Jindal , SAIL
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Place Of Origin INDIA
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Specifications :

Specification Description
Material Mild Steel
Size 40x50mm
Finish Black Powder Coated
Swivel 360 Degree
Maximum Load Capacity 200kg

Applications :

  • Welding applications
  • Metal fabrication and repair
  • Woodworking
  • DIY projects
  • Holding objects in place for drilling or grinding