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Differential Pressure Gauges Ranges 0-5.0" wc, Model ASG : 05

Short Description:
Differential Pressure Gauges Ranges 0-5.0" wc, Model ASG : 05
Manufacturer Aerosense
Place Of Origin India
Return Returnable Product
₹ 3,200.00

GST @18% Inclusive Price: 3776
Model Number ASG-05
Display Type Analog
Brand Aerosense
Accuracy + / - 2 %
Temperature -6.67 to 60'C
Diameter 4" (101.6 mm) diameter dial face.
Weight 510 Gm
Dial Size 101.6 mm
Pressure Limits -0.677 bar to 1.034 bar
Process Connections 1/8" Female NPT

Aerosense Model ASG-05 Differential Pressure Gauge Range 0-5.0 Inch WC

Model ASG-05

Range 0-5.0 Inch WC

Series ASG Differential Pressure Gage with adjustable bookmarks. Indicates Positive, Negative or Differential Pressure.

Series ASG Differential Pressure Gage with additional bookmark feature and a wide choice of ranges and models. It quickly indicates Air & non-combustible and compatible gases pressure - either positive, negative or differential.

Product Applications:

  • Filter monitoring
  • Blower Vacuum Monitoring
  • Fan Pressure Indication
  • Duct, Room or Building Pressures
  • Clean Room Positive Pressure Indication
  • Service: Air and non-combustible, compatible gases (natural gas option available). Wetted Materials: Consult factory
  • Housing: Die cast aluminum case and bezel with acrylic over(MP model has polycarbinate cover)
  • Accuracy: ±2% of full scale (±3%on -0,-100 Pa,-125 Pa.l0MM and ±4% on -00, -60 Pa, -6MM ranges), throughout range at 70‘F (21.1‘C).
  • Pressure Limits:-20 in Hg to 15 psig (-0.677 bar to 1.034 bar); MP option: 35 psig (2.41 bar); HP option: 80 psig (5.52 bar).
  • Overpressure: Relief plug opens at approximately 25 psig (1.72 bar), standard gauges only. The blowout plug is not used on models above 180 inches of water pressure, medium or high pressure models, or on gauges which require an elastomer other than silicon for diaphragm.
  • Temperature Limits: 20 to 140“F*(-6.67 to 60'C).*low Temperature models available as special option.
  • Size: 4" (101.6 mm) diameter dial face.
  • Mounting Orientation: Diaphragm in vertical position. Consult factory for other position orientations.
  • Process Connections: 1/8" female NPT duplicate high and low pressure taps • one pair back.
  • Weight: 1 lb 2 oz (510 g), MP 6 HP 2 lb 2 oz (963 g).
  • Note: May be used with hydrogen when ordering Buna-N diaphragm. Pressure must be less than 35 psi

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