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Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)-Rated Current:80 A, No. of Pole:4

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Short Description:
Molded Case Circuit Breaker or MCCB is an automatic electrical device. It is a type of circuit breaker that protects the circuit from overloading, short circuit and current surges. It is an advanced version of miniature circuit breaker MCB since it operates like one.
Manufacturer ABB
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Manufacturer part number XT1N 160 TMD 80-800 4p F F
Place Of Origin India
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* E-Number (Finland): 3640543

* E-Number (Sweden): 3182421

* EAN: 8015644013172

* Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

* Customs Tariff Number: 85362090



That is why you’ll see these types of breakers being used more in commercial and industrial settings. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that its applications are limited to that. If you’ll ask many electricians, they’ll likely say that they tend to use MCCBs a lot in their projects. Should a short circuit or an electrical overload happen, they’ll trip, protecting the circuit and the device connected to them from damage. In layman’s terms, that’s really all there is to it about their functionality.

Are you curious why they’re “molded cases”? Well, we have to go back in history to answer that. Circuit breakers were invented in 1904. Around two decades after that, the National Electric Code required breakers to have enclosed protection, so Westinghouse answered that call by inventing the first modern molded case circuit breaker a few years later.